I Know a Great Venue...

Maybe you're thinking:  "We have an great listening-room venue in my town (a place where people listen more than just talk or drink over the music).  How can I get Mary Beth to play there?"

NOTE:  To just let us know about a great venue to consider, please drop us a line at our bookings email and tell us the name of the spot or series, about how many people could attend, and where it is.  We'll put it on our venue list and hopefully play there in the future.  

For those of you who'd like to be more involved (and to get a show going PRONTO), we can really use your help. You can be our rockin' local booker -- and get some fun perks (free tix, dinner with MB before or after the show, us singing your praises in MB's blog and other spots here, and anything else we can think of in order to thank you).  

First, get in touch with us and let’s look at dates and possible routing consideration.  If MB will already be in your part of the country at an upcoming date, it’s great, cost-effective, and usually a lot easier to add an additional show.  
Next, consider size of the spot you have in mind -- it’s always better to pack a smaller room rather than barely fill a huge venue. If you feel you could get 20-30 friends and acquaintances to come to a show in a club, etc, it can probably work. (MB’s mailing list and local promotion can help round out the audience). Small (40-100 seat) rooms/ community centers/ clubs with good sound systems usually work out really well.

If you have a personal contact at the venue, get in touch and find out some things about the way they book shows. How far in advance do they prefer to book? Do they offer a guarantee to touring artists? Do they have a promotions protocol or group of contacts they like to use with the local press for promoting shows? Finally, do they think I’d be a good fit? (Please contact us for song samples, bio info, and other technical details.)

Be your awesome persuasive self! If you can help get a show together, MB will do her job and put on a great, intimate, richly deep, well-prepared show. She’ll provide all the promotional materials requested and post dates well in advance on her calendar and mailing list sendouts. Convince venue bookers to give her a shot if they're not sure about it. (Also try to help sell tix in advance to get people to commit to going, if possible, to help lower venue risk. We’re all busy these days – it’s so easy to plan on going to a show but change our minds at the last minute. But if we’ve paid for it, then we’re probably going to get out there and enjoy that concert, making everybody – you, other attendees, venue staff, and MB herself – so much happier with the night.)

We’ll look forward to hearing your ideas for great places to play (and great people to play for).  Send us a message at our bookings email to get the ball rolling.  Thank you SO much!