Plan a lovely picnic and songs with the sunset -- come hear Mary Beth at The Homestead on Saturday, July 14th!

Plan a lovely picnic and songs with the sunset -- come hear Mary Beth at The Homestead on Saturday, July 14th!

Do you feel it in the air?  The happy rumbling of summer and sunshine, hikes and bikes, clearing out the garage for the seasonal gear swap and prepping the garden areas for tomatoes, strawberries, and mint...?  Maybe it's the increased vitamin D, the walks in the woods, or the excitement of some summertime adventures around the corner, but I'm feeling a fresh energy, and that feels great. 

Along with a smattering of fab private shows where you might see me swoonily crooning in a summer frock, there are a few fun shows for the calendar if you'll be out and about in Utah. 

Saturday, July 14th brings me back to one of my favorite summer venues for an outdoor solo concert at The Homestead -- an historic resort and spa in Midway, Utah (about 20 minutes from Park City) where "The Crater" and its medicinal waters have healed bodies and souls for 128 years.   Picnics and coolers welcome, as well as blankets and low chairs.  Show starts at 7 pm, with opener.   Family friendly and FREE!  (but come early for best spots)   700 North Homestead Drive,  Midway, UT 84049    435-654-1102   Visit the Homestead Website

August 2nd - I'll be playing at Kimball Art Center Arts Festival Opening Gala in a great trio set up.  Should be swanky and fabulous.  Tix and more about ArtsFest here

Also, if you have an emerging songwriter/performer in your life, I'm holding TWO SONGWRITING CAMPS in July-Aug. 

Session One:  July 9th-12th, 9:30 am - 2 p.m.  $270. (Ages 11-14)  For new and intermediate writers/performers;  we'll cover song structure, basics of lyric writing, finding your musical voice, stage etiquette, and introductory performance skills.  Instruments encouraged (at all playing levels) but not required.  Register for songwriting camp HERE. 

Session Two:  July 30-Aug 2, 9:30 am - 2 p.m.   $300.  For intermediate or advanced writers/performers.  (Ages 14 thru adult).  We'll go over "rules" of songwriting and when/how to break them, identify vocal and instrumental strengths, learn how to infuse lyrics with deeper meaning, and connect with audiences quickly and easily.  We'll also address logistics like how to book gigs (or better gigs), when and how to record your songs, and getting publicity for your musical projects.  Instruments encouraged but not required.  Register for songwriting camp HERE.

Look forward to seeing all you music lovers out there!

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What's happening today:  
-- doing stuff in the physical as well as digital realm.  that means you, children.
-- Falk Salt.  Gorgeous briny flakes of heaven. I had always heard Maldon Salt was the tops.  This is better, imho. 
-- my annual laugh with Jen Hatmaker's blog about being the worst end of school mom ever
-- rewatching House MD from the beginning in the background as I apply Dana White's principals.  I freaking love anti-heroes. 
-- noticing that although 'dad bod' is a thing, nobody seems to be warming up to 'mom bod' as a trend
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