Would you like to BOOK MARY BETH to perform at a wedding, private party, anniversary, corporate meeting, or other special event coming up?  She'd love to!   Several optimal dates over rest of 2021 and throughout 2022 still available.  

PDF of highlights for you and your clients to review

To check availability and rate, please contact us asap call directly at (four three five) 659-9844.  Text to get quickest response, thank you!


For the quickest and most accurate bid, please gather or include the following information:

1) DATE and TIME of Event.  

2) Desired LENGTH of performance  (If ambient/background-- music, what time frame? If a concert, how long? For weddings, ceremony only, or include duration time for cocktail hour or dinner music?)

3) VENUE (address and set-up information, along with info if music will be needed at multiple locations onsite)

4) Would you like to book Mary Beth SOLO, or with other players?  (Duos, Trios, or larger combos available.)

5) PIANO details  (Is there an acoustic piano onsite?  Can we verify that it'll be in tune?  MB bring keyboard?)

6) SOUND Equipment  (Is there an in house P.A./AV that will be provided, or will MB need to provide?)

7) Any SPECIAL REQUESTS or helpful details we should know? (MB is glad to learn requested songs, highlight specific genres, etc.)

Mary Beth has performed all over the world at beautiful concerts, galas, ceremonies, cocktail hours, and receptions, as a solo artist and/or with other players.  Events in most Utah areas are bid in relation to performance time and atmosphere.  Rate depends on location, equipment, and musical needs.  Weddings requiring travel and lodging are bid to include travel costs for Mary Beth and one support person (usually her husband Mark). 

Along with her performance, Mary Beth can provide other special items and services.  Bulk CDs and her Kick-Ass Creativity books (signed, if desired) may be purchased at a discounted rate.  With a little notice, Mary Beth can even be commissioned to create a custom song for your occasion.  To discuss the fee and logistics of having a custom song written and recorded for your occasion, please contact us here

Billing may take place through your planning business or Mary Beth will invoice client directly, at your discretion.  Deposit information is outlined in fee proposal.  Balance of payment is required before or on date of performance and may be made via cash, check, PayPal, Venmo or Bitcoin.  

DID YOU KNOW... that as well as providing concerts or atmospheric music, Mary Beth also PRESENTS on creativity, using music to anchor points of inspiration and action.  Please feel free to inquire if a KEYNOTE,  AFTER-DINNER CONCERT/PROGRAM, or BREAK OUT session might be a better fit for your upcoming meeting or event.


Shine Shine Shine This song was inspired by the power of women when we uplift and empower each other. Perhaps we all need a little help shining up our rougher diamond edges from time to time. 4.26 MB
The Good Life Riding in a convertible, top down, on a beautiful summer day...hanging out reading on the perfect shady porch...enjoying a great meal with wonderful friends and laughing all night...these are the elements of 'the good life' as we tend to see it -- and this song was inspired by the vibe of what really makes us feel thankful and free and light. 4.79 MB
Be Better There are, for most of us, periods that weigh you down, trip you up, mess with your idea of who you are and who you believe you can be. This song came from a deep consideration of the very hard work it takes to emerge from those down times. Finding the faith, the desire to 'be better', seems to drive the ability to move forward and reclaim life after depression, addiction, abuse, or whatever the cause. 6.61 MB
We've Been There A dear friend has told me such great stories about her family over the years. . . I'm constantly laughing and shaking me head with amazement at their adventures and faith and depth of devotion for each other. As she approached her 27th wedding anniversary, she asked if I'd consider writing a song for her and her husband integrating personal stories from their lives. This one emerged, and like so many special moments in writing, kept me hanging til the LAST second to see how it was all going to tie together. (I whooped from the living room with relief and delight when it clicked into place!). I swear sometimes I'm just a witness, not the writer. I hope to be able to share as full and loving a memoir of marriage and family when the time comes. 7.01 MB
Cover of "Close to You" by The Carpenters This song is such a treasure. . . it always felt kind of heartbreaking to me -- sung upbeat and with a smile by the ever-graceful Karen Carpenter, who later was revealed to be suffering so much privately through most of her career. We recorded this take on a reel-to-reel and were about to run out of tape when we decided to try to get this track down. Thankfully it clicked 'off' RIGHT after the fade of the last note was coming to an end. Though I was in a pensive, reminiscent mood while recording it, upon some listens it has a little bit of a spooky stalkery vibe. Which is always interesting :) 3.02 MB